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We work with good writers to deliver quality content. Writing, though, is only the beginning.  Then comes the editing: proofreading, copy editing (aka line editing), developmental editing, or structural editing. Other tasks are formatting the interior; deciding on title and subtitle; designing the cover; writing back cover and book description content; the actual ebook and print publishing; and the plethora of tasks involved in marketing. We’re working to assemble high quality resources in support of our purpose: publishing for independent authors!




Pros and Cons of Raising Chickens, and How to Get Started with ChickensRaising Chickens - Pros and Cons








The Chicken and the Egg

Do you really want to raise chickens?

Are You SURE You Want to Raise Chickens?

Pidge Paulson

Summer of the Phoenix

HEART Connections


PJ Paulson

Let’s Heal! – Recovery journals

Let’s Heal Our Pets!


Blank Book journals