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Handsel Publishers is a small publishing company for independent authors. Our mission is to publish material of an uplifting, creative, curious, or informative nature, putting a positive spin on life. Our goal is to provide both fiction and non-fiction media in which readers will find literature, down-home tales, humor, or creative stories in which something educates, captivates, or just makes you feel good.


Not a Choice: What you weren’t taught about the biology of sex and gender

Certain areas in the brain differentiate between male and female, with measurable differences in size, number or density of neuronal cells, and function. Such development is not like flipping a light switch in which the light is either on or off – it’s not usually full-on male or full-on female. It’s more like a dimmer switch, in which male hormones move development away from female patterning and toward male patterning – in varying degrees at different times, even within a single structure.

Not a Choice
Our newest release

Summer of the Phoenix

How do you heal when you lose your job and your romantic relationship? When you’re also recovering from a painful injury? And when the sheriff deputies tell you to carry a gun?

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Summer of the Phoenix, a memoir

When her life crumbled into pieces, the author made an unconventional choice to create a sanctuary in her off-the-grid property, living under rustic conditions to think about what she wanted in life and to regroup. She left the world of people-behaving-badly to heal, both emotionally and physically, in the serenity she found in the natural world. In solitude, she found she could savor life and discover richness in so many ways. And eventually return, in part, to the workaday world.

In the Works:

The Untimely Demise of Harold Howard Hancock, a cozy mystery.

The Untimely Demise of Mr. Harold Howard Hancock

Get Healthy Naturally: How I lowered blood sugar, decreased cholesterol, and lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks

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