We currently have nonfiction books about –

  • raising chickens, keeping them safe from predators, and what really goes into their food
  • whether (or not) you really want to raise chickens
  • eggs and what the labels on egg cartons does – and doesn’t – mean
  • a memoir about off-the-grid living to recuperate from losing a job and a boyfriend; getting the horses, cattle, and trees through a drought; middle-of-the-night forays to fend off burglars; living close to nature and loving it; recovering from a frozen shoulder; and learning that all this necessitates savoring life
  • what makes a good, healthy date or relationship of any kind
  • the science and biology of gender identity and sexual orientation, each of which develops on a continuum; neither is a binary coin-flip
  • blank, lined books
  • paperbacks for keeping track of health or medical issues for people, dogs, and other beings (currently unavailable)

We’ll add an excerpt here shortly.

In the works:

  • a cozy mystery novella
  • getting healthy naturally to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight
  • stomach health issues (upper GI, including the esophagus)
  • recovering from concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • children’s picture books

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