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The Biology Behind LGBTQ

Why this topic?

At a gut level, I’m sick of Donald J Trump, Mike Pence, and others discriminating against anyone, but in particular signing executive orders or attempting to pass laws that negatively impact the rights of members of the LGBTQ community.

It was bad enough when Mr. Trump signed an executive order that forbade transgender men and women from serving in the military.

Today (August 18, 2019) I’m reading in the news that the Trump administration is asking the United States Supreme Court to strike down equal rights and protections for transgender people based on sex, their argument being that “sex” meant “biological sex.” 

I was already working on a short book to explain the biological bases for gender identity that extends not only to heterosexual women and heterosexual men, but to individuals who reside in the gray areas between the white and black of hetero cis-female and hetero cis-male.

It pains me to hear of people who struggle with their own gender identity or sexual orientation. It’s tragic that such struggles can lead to suicide or attempted suicide.

Why are discriminatory and even violent acts still in the news against LGBTQ individuals and groups? Now, those prejudices are even tainting our politics and being foisted upon the federal judiciary system.

Originally, my two reasons for writing about this topic were these:  (1) To educate people such as Mike Pence, uninformed lawmakers, and the regular Joe and Joan Schmo on the street that LGBTQ people, just like hetero female and hetero male individuals, are living as directed by their genetics, brain structure and hormones. Yes, there is a biological component for all of us. (2) To help those struggling with their own gender identity to understand that there is nothing inherently “wrong” with them that necessitates feelings of guilt.

Regarding today’s news item… An individual’s biological sex is not strictly defined solely by the external appearance of sex organs. Brain structure and function, as well as hormones dictated by that brain structure and function, also are integral components of “biological sex.” Yet, even the birth-sex-organ definition of biological sex is not all black and white. When a person’s sex chromosomes and their externally apparent genitalia contradict one another regarding gender – what then? Some individuals are born with both male and female sex organs, and a doctor or parent at birth may arbitrarily decide upon surgery to “assign” the baby’s gender. What – a third party flips a coin, and that infant is expected to conform for life to the heads-or-tails of that coin toss?

Taken a step further, we can look at the actual sex chromosomes. They are not limited to XX (female) and XY (male); XO (X-only; no second sex chromosome) and XXY combinations also exist.

Laws to prevent discrimination based on sex must include ANY sexual leaning or configuration, not just two!

No-one should have to explain to anyone else the biology behind their gender identity or sexual preference. That said, if more people were informed of and understood the variations that can and do exist, mightn’t they be more accepting of both themselves and of those different from themselves?

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