Having come across quality books that I have tremendously enjoyed reading, I’m listing them here in hopes that you will look into them, as well. Books listed here will have passed muster in both content and editing (continuity, grammar, spelling, etc.). I receive no payment nor benefit for endorsement, though I do try to get the authors’ permission to list their books here. I just sincerely feel they’re worth a read, and believe a good writer’s work deserves kind and enthusiastic promotion. Enjoy!


Eric William Brown


On Beyond Yoga:  a Novel of romance, adventure, and transformation (The Joshua Yoga Series)


Wonderful packaging for a gift of spiritual enlightenment!

I love this book! The author’s description: “Frustrated with the superficiality of contemporary yoga, three yoga students join their ‘half-enlightened’ teacher on a two week, magical-mystical tour through India’s spiritual capitals and end-up with a lot more than they bargained for.”
The title On Beyond Yoga and its description well describe the story…and it goes deeper than that. As Joshua and his students’ physical and spiritual journey progresses, the characters enlighten the reader as well as one another through a series of discourses as they reflect on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of the occurrences of the day. To me, it brings to mind the Dialogues of Plato and the Socratic method, but the writing style of On Beyond Yoga is smooth and straightforward – a very easy read. The candid descriptions of both the positive and less positive aspects of daily life in India are colorful, informative, and very interesting – the book would be of interest for that alone. This is not a book about yoga, per se; it is about spiritual seeking and learning that can accompany yoga, or be independent of it, and that is realized by the travelers as they experience the holy sites of India. I found myself bookmarking several pages in which Joshua and his students share remarkably enlightened wisdom that I hadn’t expected to find in a novel. Prior to reading this book, I hadn’t known that yoga had a spiritual component. I also hadn’t realized that “A Course in Miracles” was applicable outside of Christianity, and went to dust off a copy I bought years ago. Not only is On Beyond Yoga well worth reading, I’ve found it has strengthened and brightened my own spiritual outlook.
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Yoga-romance-adventure-transformation/dp/1549949241/
Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Yoga-romance-adventure-transformation-ebook/dp/B076CRXK3Z/

Patrick McCusker


Planet Dancing

Wonderful book about nature, ecology, and conservation.


From the author’s description: “The desire to protect species from extinction must move beyond the commitment of the few. It must move beyond the hope of conserving Indian Rhino or the great whales or the Japanese crested ibis. It needs to move beyond the concerns for rainforests. It needs to move to a position to win the minds of people towards an accommodation of nature on this planet. There appears to be a widespread wish that things might be different. A wish, however, is not enough. A wish is not the same as a want. The difference is one of degree of emotion. And whether a species survives or not hangs on that distinction. Planet Dancing is an attempt to show us the magnificence of nature, even in the small, and to entice us to embrace a number of unusual conservation ideas in which we can all play a part.”

Amazon review: “An extraordinary good read. If people did what it says, conservation would never be the same. Patrick McCusker clearly has a profound love of nature which comes through in his writing and presents creative ideas toward a more collective appreciation of the planet that we’re constantly destroying. Highly recommended!”