Handsel Publishers, Ltd.

Creative, informative, uplifting fiction and non-fiction that captivates, inspires, educates, or just makes you feel good

Handsel Publishers, Ltd. is a small just-getting-started publishing company with a positive spin on life. Our Mission is to publish material of an uplifting, creative, curious, or informative nature. Our goal is to provide both fiction and non-fiction  media in which readers will find literature, down-home tales, humor, or creative stories in which something educates, captivates, or “just makes you feel good.”

We began as a vehicle for publishing works – both print and ebooks – by independent authors, and are gradually growing.




The brains behind this outfit… 

PJ has been described as a benign non-conformist — someone who lives and experiences life on her own terms and values, and is not overly concerned with how humankind at large may judge that life path. “I’m a pioneer at heart,” she says, bearing that out not only in having built a small ranch from bare ground on the prairie of The Other Colorado, but also in working her way across Wyoming on a wagon train on the Oregon Trail.

“I seem to attract things and experiences that have to be written about,” she explains, apologizing for the ending preposition. “That’s why I created Handsel Publishers.”

Oregon Trail Wagon Train
Oregon Trail, Wyoming

Why Handsel?

Browsing through an old dictionary given to me by a friend, I happened to open to the G-H section, and the word “handsel” caught my attention. I recall it was defined as a token of good luck. When the location of my old dictionary eluded me, I found www.dictionary.com defines handsel as: 1. a gift or token for good luck or as an expression of good wishes, as at the beginning of the new year or when entering upon a new situation or enterprise. 2. a first installment of payment. 3. the initial experience of anything; first encounter with or use of something taken as a token of what will follow; foretaste.

It seemed perfect!

The Crew

Party of One

Writer, Editor, Illustrator, Cover Designer, Legal Counsel, Publisher, Marketer … sure it would be great to have a team of professionals! For now, “we” are a party of One.


Shoot for the moon!